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COMEQ, Inc. Appointed Exclusive Distributor for PARMIGIANI Angle & Plate Bending Rolls
     COMEQ, Inc. has represented ROUNDO AB as it’s exclusive distributor for the past 40 years; but, due to changes in the management of both companies and the resulting differing business philosphies, principles and conduct, this relationship has been concluded by mutual consent.
     As news of this development became known to the industry and its many contributors, COMEQ was approached by several prominent European manufacturers to represent them; but instead, COMEQ approached the company of its choosing, PARMIGIANI of Cremona, Italy. After what turned out to be very brief discussions, helped along by Mr. Parmigiani’s statement that he has been watching COMEQ for years as the distributor he would like to partner with, it became obvious that the two companies would make an excellent fit; and very quickly COMEQ was made PARMIGIANI’s exclusive distributor for the United States and Canada, and by listing in Mexico.
     From their foundings, both companies were and continue to be family owned and operated.
     PARMIGIANI, founded in 1927 has carried on continuously through the years and is now a highly regarded supplier of Angle & Section Bending Rolls, Plate Bending Rolls of all types and capacities, Tank Head Dishing Machines and Flanging Machines. It has delivered machines not only throughout Europe but also throughout a good part of the rest of the world, delivering not only standard sized machines, but also unique machines designed for specific applications as well. However until now, PARMIGIANI machines have not been sold in the United States.
     With its technical expertise, its modern well-equipped factory and innovative use of materials, diagnostics and construction techniques, PARMIGIANI has positioned itself internationally at the forefront of fabricating machinery manufacturers for today and for the future.
     In its advertising for PARMIGIANI Machines, COMEQ will use the phrase "Even More - Even Better - Even More Affordable". The last is self-explanatory; and COMEQ, Inc. will be pleased to explain the other two when offering and discussing machines with customers in response to their inquiries.
     COMEQ, Inc. has provided and will continue to provide its customers - past, present and future - its many years of experience, knowledge & exemplary reputation and looks forward to showing them the many benefits of PARMIGIANI Bending Rolls over other manufacturers.












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