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Geka 90 years


     GEKA Group started manufacturing, shearing, and punching machines in 1919. In ninety years, six generations have experienced a multitude of events that have shaped the world: from the great depression to the current global recession; from the second world war to the fall of the Berlin wall; and from the early years of the telephone to the global internet community.

     For almost a century, GEKA has followed the same goal. Meet the customer’s needs through flexibility and adaptability. Our constant research and development have enabled us to enrich our own technology in the manufacture of ironworkers for the processing of angle iron, flat bar, beam channel, bar stock, and other special shapes.

     You’ll find our machines in structural steel shops, miscellaneous metal shops, metal building construction, telecommunication, electric towers, truck, body, and trailer manufacturing, and just about any form of metal fabricating shops. We’ve accomplished this through many years of extraordinary effort and hard work by studying and meeting our customer’s demands and challenges.

     The evolution from the first ironworker to the current-day ironworker is drastic. Market forces, new technologies, and improvement in metal production, have compelled GEKA to adapt its machinery to present requirements. Therefore, the first manually-operated shearers evolved into mechanically-operated, then later hydraulically, and finally to a new version in automatic lines or CNC lines.

     In all those years, we have not been alone. In all this time we have cultivated a strong relationship, an everlasting bond with our distributors, a network consisting of more than fifty worldwide dealers, such as the one that links COMEQ and GEKA. Together since 1981, we have been providing our American clients with our unbeatable combination of quality and price. Together providing an efficient after sales service. Together in the search of technical excellence through constant innovation.

    COMEQ and GEKA have been working together almost thirty years to design every single machine for each of our customers. With more than seven thousand special tools and accessories we are able, as no other company in the market, to give personal attention to each of our customer needs and to adapt our machines to your production needs.










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