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Models 200/6, 220/6 VA and 220/6 VA Multi 

With over 6500 users all over the world the EUROMAC Nothing machine is by far the most productive on the market today. Our series of Notchers offer more exclusive features than any other notcher on the market today. It starts with the rigid meehite monoblock construction and extends to the highly accurate Automatic Blade Gap Adjustment (EUROMAC Patent)


Standard features include:

• Precision sheet positioning system with protractors and guide arms

• Embedded brass scales

• Machined and ground in-table T-slots

• Sheet holddown clamps

• Reversible upper blades - 30° - 60°

• Depth/Stroke control (on Models 200/6, 220 VA & 220 VA Multi)

• Hydraulic blade locking on variable angle models


Model 200/6 (Fixed Angle) &

Model 220/6 VA (Variable Angle)

Capacity: 1/4"     Stainless Steel Capacity: 3/16"

Blade Length: 7.87" x 7.87"


Model 220/6 VA Multi (Variable Angle)

Capacity: 1/4"     Stainless Steel Capacity: 3/16"

Blade Length: 8.66" x 8.66"


Optional rear station on Model 200/6 Multi allows for punching, radiusing & rectangular cutting.

Optional rear station on Model 220/6 VA Multi allows for punching, bending, radiusing, rectangular cutting & pressing (up to 20 tons).



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