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Type IP Machines
Type IP Machines

This is a modern, initial-pinch type machine capable of rolling full or partial cylinders. The machine is simple to operate yet produces high quality rolling results very efficiently. The three rolls are journalled in anti-friction roller bearings. The upper and lower rolls are driven by a worm gear motor with built-in braking, providing a single rolling speed. Variable rolling speeds are optional. The upper roll is securely locked in place at the outboard end while rolling. To remove finished cylinders, the top roll is easily released and automatically balanced as it is swung to the side. Both the lower roll and the rear bending roll are easily adjusted by handwheels through worm gears.* The handwheels, located at the end of the machine frame, raise and lower both ends of the roll together, maintaining true roll position and eliminating the need to adjust both ends of the roll individually. With the standard equipment, the machine is ready to run and fill almost every requirement.


Standard features:

  • Rolls journalled in anti-friction roller bearings
  • Swing-out upper roll (drop end)
  • Brake motor and controls for 3/60/220/440
  • Portable push button controls for Forward/Reverse, on a trailing lead
  • Low voltage at the controls
  • Safety cable at front and rear of the machine
  • Indicator scale for the position of the bending roll
  • Longitudinal groove in the rear roll


Optional equipment:

  • Cone bending attachment, including tiltable rear roll with built-in dial indicator (except Model IP 60)
  • Motor powered bending roll adjustment
  • Motor powered lower (clamping) roll adjustment
  • Push button controls mounted in a swing arm
  • Variable rolling speeds
  • Hardened and ground or rubber covered rolls
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